Hello Carmel Hello Newsletter October 2023

“But now the Lord says: Be strong, all you people still left in the land. And now get to work, for I am with you, says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies. My Spirit remains among you, just as I promised when you came out of Egypt. So do not be afraid.”
Haggai‬ ‭2:4‭b-‬5‬ NLT‬‬

Greetings from Carmel

In finding the words for the message brewing in my mind, I turned to the books of Joshua and Haggai. Books and passages The Lord strongly impressed on my heart for the season Carmel currently is journeying through.

Donald Miller, in his book, “A Thousand Years in a Million Miles,” concludes that all of us are part of a beautiful big story. Life itself is, therefore, a story, and we have a role to play with the power to shape our corner in the bigger drama. In this story, we, on occasion, find almost insurmountable challenges, times of despair, heartache, confusion, opposition, and sometimes darkness. We also discover opportunity, mountaintop experiences, faith, love, hope, and light.

Sarah Clarkson, in “Book Girl,” comes to a similar understanding. She writes: “To know yourself as an agent in the story of the world, one able to bring light and goodness amid suffering, is a profoundly empowering knowledge…” She later continues and recognises that Scripture is also our story, the one in whose decisive battles we are caught. The narrative drew us into the conflict of Light and Darkness, requiring us to decide which part we would play.

We see the same invitation to Joshua and later to Zerubbabel. To get involved. It was an invitation to be obedient but repeated encouragements accompanied it to be strong and courageous and not to be afraid, concluding with a massive promise. “I WILL BE WITH YOU.”

Carmel and Ethnos are embarking on an exciting new season. We dream and build with the assurance that He is with us.

In this month’s newsletter, we share some exciting new projects we are embarking on in preparing the ground for the season ahead. In December, we look forward to welcoming back decade long friends and many new guests to experience December holidays at Carmel. If you are looking for a holiday from the holiday, take advantage of our Fresh Start Getaway Special from 7-31 January 2024.

May GOD bless and keep you.

Coen Scholtz 
The Carmel Trustees

2024 Fresh Start Getaway Specials

Sometimes we need a holiday from the holidays. A time to rest and restore for the new year ahead.

Take advantage of our Fresh Start Getaway Specials from the 7th–31st January 2024. We have specials for Camping and B&B accommodation.

Carmel B&B Special 2024. Extra Night Free when booking 2+ nights
Carmel Camping Special 2024. Reduced rates from 7 - 31 January 2024

Contact reception on 044-889-0019 or email us at bookings@carmelmail.co.za to book your Fresh Start Getaway experience.

Greetings from Operations

Last month, we spoke of our developing partnership with Ethnos. Through God’s leadership, we have been utilising each other’s strengths in preparing the ground to reach, serve and impact the local George community and the larger Body of Christ.

Together we have been able to commence various projects in working towards this common goal.

Our first exciting project on the go is the development of an Ethnos Skills Development Centre. What used to be our large maintenance shed, has been broken down for the development of this centre. The centre will serve the local George community in providing skills in woodwork, maintenance, and building, to equip people to obtain work in these areas.

Our teams have also been at work in rebuilding the outside dining room deck to extend the dining area outside and add an outside roof too. Within the dining space, there are also plans underway to provide guests a full-time restaurant, coffee shop and bakery. We look forward to sharing more news as our plans develop.

Rebuilding, extending and adding a roof to the Carmel dining room outside deck

Last for this month, Bethwell and the team have built our own greenhouse, and our first vegetables are already growing. Soon your daily meals will include our own sustainable, locally grown produce.

Carmel greenhouse, ready for sustainable and locally grown vegetables

All these projects will allow us to serve the larger community in welcoming guests to Carmel in the presence of God. Please can you join us in prayer over this exciting season ahead. For God’s hand to be over the teams at work, in preparing the grounds for the ministry of God to be gloried for all who visit Carmel.

The team and I look forward to welcoming you to Carmel soon.

Wouter Cloete
General Manager

Come together for family time, rest and fun

December School Holidays at Carmel Coastal Retreat

14 December 2023 – 16 January 2024

The School Holidays are a special time at Carmel, for all to come together for rest and a good amount of holiday fun.

There are just a few B&B and Camping spots still available and availability over the Christmas long weekend (22-26 December).

The Carmel team will be running daily activities for kids of all ages and adults too… and for rest and restoration, our garden walks, many quiet spaces and chapel are perfect to gain the rest you may need (spiritual, emotional and physical).

To experience the December school holidays at Carmel, watch our December holiday highlights video below.

Whether you are staying over or a day visitor, we look forward to you joining us over the school holidays. For enquiries around accommodation and day visitors, please email bookings@carmelmail.co.za or call reception on 044 889 0019.

Christian Retreats, Carmel, George, Garden Route, Western Cape

Break away from the bustle of life to experience Carmel for your next group retreat, conference or day-event.

Come together for a time of restoration, networking and refocus for the year ahead. Make your group visit an experience to remember through our range of accommodation, dining and meeting venues, while enjoying our breath-taking Victoria Bay views, beautiful gardens and quiet spaces too.

Carmel Prayer Room

If you would like to be a part of the Wednesday Prayer Room, we pray in the chapel every Wednesday morning from 07h00 – 08h00. If you are not able to join, we have created a dedicated email newsletter which you can sign-up on the link below and we will keep you updated.

We pray that God may continue to fill our guests with renewed hope, enthusiasm and restoration. We pray that Carmel will continue to be fruitful place, bringing the much needed restoration our guests are seeking and that God’s blessings may be poured over them. May God’s presence be at Carmel as it is in heaven.

We would love for you to partner with us in prayer for Carmel. Please continue to hold the staff of Carmel and the Carmel Community in prayer.

Carmel's ongoing legacy

The shared testimonies over the many years of Carmel’s history inspire confidence. God continues to be at work and use Carmel for His ministry. So many leave rested, encouraged, and restored, by the love of Jesus. The ripple effects of Carmel continue into eternity. All praise be to God!

In being able to continue the work of Carmel for future generations to come, we are seeking our valued guests and friends of Carmel for donations or bequests, in leaving a legacy into Carmel’s future. There are many specific projects we have on our hearts to implement the mission of Carmel, and many ways in which to become involved.

If being a part of Carmel’s legacy is on your heart, we would love to share our vision and projects with you in more detail and how you can be a part of Carmel’s bright future.