Hello Carmel Hello Newsletter September 2023

“There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.” 
Ephesians: 4-6

Greetings from Carmel

It is such a privilege to be a part of the body of Christ – to be the body through which GOD continues His work here on earth! Each part has been given a specific gift and role to play but only has meaning when working together with the rest of the body, under Christ’s leading, Who is the head. It is evident when the different parts are working in unity, the ministry is multiplied to the glory of GOD. 

Carmel is a place, and a group of people, with immense gifts to share with the rest of the body. However, in isolation, we are only able to just touch on the potential of our ministry. Within the Lord’s economy, when two or more parts of the body work in unity, the result is multiplication in the ministry. Working together with the Ethnos Movement International (EMI), we can see a new season where together we are able to increase our role in equipping people and building up the body of Christ. Through the partnership, both parts are blessed and able to be more of a blessing than each can be on their own. 

Carmel and Ethnos share a mutual commitment to reach and impact the local George community and the larger Body of Christ with the message of hope, peace, and restoration. Our goal is to offer hope and healing by providing a place for people from all walks of life to find renewal and be equipped, to impact their communities for Christ. We share the core values of restoration and training. If you would like to read more about Ethnos, please click here

We are excited to share the fruit of these plans as we take each step. For those of you living near George, follow us on social media (Facebook and Instagram) to see when we have worship events, prayer meetings, prophetic art workshops and more. In October, we have a 4 day Pastor’s Retreat (read more below) for pastors to receive refreshing, support and equipping and the Ethnos REACH Conference at the end of September (more below).

As the warmer summer months return, our campsites and B&B Sea View rooms fill up quickly, especially over the December/January school holidays (find out about the school holidays below). The weather in George is perfect for the many wonderful hikes and beaches nearby while getting all the rest you need in our beautiful gardens and quiet places, all while admiring the Victoria Bay Views. Be sure to contact us soon as you plan your next getaway.

May GOD bless and keep you.

Suzanne Mackay 
The Carmel Trustees

Greetings from the Ministry Team

Throughout the year Carmel hosts a variety of worthwhile, special interest programmes and spiritually enriching seminars. Carmel staff as well as highly regarded teachers and specialists lead these programmes.

Our upcoming Ministry event is the Pastor’s Retreat. To stay up to date on future Ministry Events, visit our Ministry Programmes webpage here.

Carmel Ministry Events_ Pastor's Retreat

Ministry Leaders Retreat 
Presented by Derek & Beryl Puffett 
Date: 10 – 13 October 2023

Our Pastors Refreshing Retreat is designed to be a place of healing and restoration for pastors, especially those who are struggling in difficult personal situations, or those who have become exhausted in the battle and are desperately in need of rest and recuperation.

The Pastors Refreshing Retreat provides the opportunity for complete rest, support, care and personal prayer ministry.

This specially designed retreat is not intended merely as holiday breakaway from everyday life, but as time given to God for Him to work deeply in the lives of those who attend.

The retreat is not built around a structure of formal meetings. The retreat is led by the experienced Ellel Leaders and simply offers space, time and care to facilitate God’s restoration for your whole being: body, soul and spirit.

Whether you need personal restoration or are seeking the Lord for direction and renewed vision for your life and ministry, this specialised pastor’s retreat will provide the necessary secure and loving environment.

Over the time of the retreat, the programme facilities rest (Garden time with God), 3 topics of teaching, creativity sessions to connect with God and prayer ministry times.

The three topics of teaching during the retreat are:

  • The importance of forgiveness in ministry (application)
  • Emotional healing
  • The calling of a Leader

There are three options to join, including the programme fees

Day visitor: R1,470/per person 

  • Tuesday dinner, Wednesday/Thursday lunch and dinner, and Friday lunch (no breakfasts)

Shared: Stay over (3 nights): R2,520/per person sharing

  • 2-person shared Sea View accommodation (3 nights)
  • All meals included: Tuesday dinner, Wednesday/Thursday breakfast, lunch, dinner, Friday breakfast and lunch.

Single: Stay over (3 nights): R2,985/per person

  • Sea View accommodation (3 nights)
  • All meals included: Tuesday dinner, Wednesday/Thursday breakfast, lunch, dinner, Friday breakfast and lunch.

To learn more about the Retreat facilitators, Derek and Beryl Puffett, from Ellel Ministries in Africa, click here.

The programme starts on Tuesday, 10 October at 16h00 and ends at 14h00 on Friday 13 October.

To book your place, please email bookings@carmelmail.co.za or call the office on 
044 889 0019.

Christian Retreats, Carmel, George, Garden Route, Western Cape

Break away from the bustle of life to experience Carmel for your next group retreat, conference or day-event.

Come together for a time of restoration, networking and refocus for the year ahead. Make your group visit an experience to remember through our range of accommodation, dining and meeting venues, while enjoying our breath-taking Victoria Bay views, beautiful gardens and quiet spaces too.

Come together for family time, rest and fun

December School Holidays at Carmel Coastal Retreat

14 December 2023 – 14 January 2024

The School Holidays are a special time at Carmel, for all to come together for rest and a good amount of holiday fun.

The Carmel team run daily activities for kids of all ages and adults too… and for rest and restoration, our garden walks, many quiet spaces and chapel are perfect to gain the rest you may need (spiritual, emotional and physical).

To experience December school holidays at Carmel, watch our December holiday highlights video below.

To book your school holiday camping or B&B accommodation, please click to contactus or call the office on 044 889 0019.

Reflecting on our past Ministry Events

Carmel Ministry_Prime Plus

The Prime Plus: Creative Ageing Retreat in July was a life changing 5 days for all, facilitated by Margie Munnings and Heather Davies. The retreat included teaching by Trevor Hudson on the matter of Creative Ageing. The time also included worship in the Carmel chapel, sharing in groups, delicious meals shared together, music and games evenings, and very special times of personal testimonies shared amongst one another.

The week was also a time of great adventures and all myths were dispelled about ageing as some extremely active seniors took to the mountains, beaches, and croquet field. For some, it was also a time of getting together with old friends and playing “remember when”. Who says that only youngsters can go on camp and have heaps of fun? 

Prime Plus 2024 is already in the planning for the 16th – 20th September 2024.

Carmel Ministry_Womens Retreat

The Women’s Retreat in August was facilitated by Katharine Marsden and Suria Scholtz. The retreat was lovingly designed to create space and time for women to sit at the feet of Jesus – in joyful worship and quiet devotion. The group gathered around His Word as they explored the humility, heroism and humanity of Elijah (1 Kings 17-19) and formed the basis for the daily creative activities, nature walks, and debriefing exercises. 

With “the ruthless elimination of hurry” as motivation, this laid-back retreat aimed to bring women closer to God to discern His still, small voice better. We can’t receive new assignments unless we stop running, fearful and confused, rest our bodies, quiet our minds, & re-focus our hearts on the Holy One. While we all know that such radical re-alignment to God’s will and ways always bears abundant fruit in our relationships with our spouses, children, families, colleagues, and even strangers, it is easier said than done in our fast-paced societies.

Carmel Prayer Room

If you would like to be a part of the Wednesday Prayer Room, we pray in the chapel every Wednesday morning from 07h00 – 08h00. If you are not able to join, we have created a dedicated email newsletter which you can sign-up on the link below and we will keep you updated.

We pray that God may continue to fill our guests with renewed hope, enthusiasm and restoration. We pray that Carmel will continue to be fruitful place, bringing the much needed restoration our guests are seeking and that God’s blessings may be poured over them. May God’s presence be at Carmel as it is in heaven.

We would love for you to partner with us in prayer for Carmel. Please continue to hold the staff of Carmel and the Carmel Community in prayer.

Carmel's ongoing legacy

The shared testimonies over the many years of Carmel’s history inspire confidence. God continues to be at work and use Carmel for His ministry. So many leave rested, encouraged, and restored, by the love of Jesus. The ripple effects of Carmel continue into eternity. All praise be to God!

In being able to continue the work of Carmel for future generations to come, we are seeking our valued guests and friends of Carmel for donations or bequests, in leaving a legacy into Carmel’s future. There are many specific projects we have on our hearts to implement the mission of Carmel, and many ways in which to become involved.

If being a part of Carmel’s legacy is on your heart, we would love to share our vision and projects with you in more detail and how you can be a part of Carmel’s bright future.